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Just a sample of the many exciting and unique items
which we carry.
Always something new!
84 Ontario Street, Stratford Ontario
" A fun place to shop! "
Emma Bridgewater Napkins & Tissues
Dunoon Pottery England
Silicone Lids
Mini Teasets
Unique Metal Figures
French Soaps
Hungarian Pottery
Assorted Klimt China
Grimm T-shirts and Aprons
Tablecloths by Mahogany
Brown Betty Teapots
   Made in England
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Gallery Page
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Metal Earth Models
French Soaps
Assorted Jewellery Pieces
Pureliving Bath & Beauty Products
Assorted Paper Napkins
ChirpyTop Wine Pourer
Nightgowns, Robes, Pajamas, Scarves and Sweaters
Fishs Eddy New York